Best Electricity Provider in Germany – Overview

German electricity providerSigning up with the best electricity provider in Germany will save you a lot of money.

When moving into a new apartment in Germany you are automatically signed up with the so called Grundversorger.

That means that you are having electricity in your house as soon as you move in.

While this is extremely convenient it is important to know that these Grundversorger are usually more expensive than other German electricity providers.

Still nowadays many Germans are too lazy to find the best and cheapest electricity provider in their city and pay more than they should.

Changing your electricity provider in Germany is done in a few minutes and can be done completely online, so there is really no reason why you should not switch electricity providers as soon as possible.


e-wie-einfachRated by e.g. Verivox, Focus Money and Check24 as one of the best German electricity providers, E wie einfach is an excellent choice as your new electricity provider.

They recently even got Tüv Süd certificated + E Wie Einfach offers TrustedShops protection on top.

Depending on the amount of people in your household and your estimated electricity consumption you can calculate online your expected monthly down-payment.

What else sets E Wie Einfach apart from other German electricity providers is the fact that you can terminate, if you went for the Basic option, your contract on a monthly basis.

In case you are unhappy with E wie einfach or you are moving to another country this is extremely helpful.

Other electricity companies lock you in ususally for at least 12 months.


E wie einfach smart homeIn case that you are interested in the newest gadgets we recommend you to check out the E Wie Einfach MeinSmartTarif.

You can choose between three different bonuses when signing up for this contract.

Your first option would be an Ultimate Ears Boom3 portable Bluetooth speaker. If you spend your days outside and you still want to listen to your favorite songs this might be your top choice.

Second option is a 100€ voucher for ShareNow. If you are using this carsharing company already this might be an option to consider for you.

And your third option is a fitbit Charge 3 for all of you that like to keep track of their health.

Of course E Wie Einfach guarantees that all MeinSmartTarif include 100% eco-friendly produced electricity, which means no electricity generated by atomic powerplants or by burning coal.


As already mentioned E Wie Einfach recently got certified by Tüv Süd which guarantees that all electricity used with this contract is generated from renewable energy sources.

And best of all this does not mean that your monthly electricity bill will now be double as high – With the MeinÖkoTarif you will still save a lot of money and do something good for the environment.

ENTEGA Energie

entegaIf you are a big fan of green energy then you should consider to give Entega a go.

Entega is proud that they do not offer any electricity produced in nuclear power plants.

Luckily nowadays green energy does not automatically means that it will be more expensive.

On the contrary if you sign up with Entega you will not pay more than with any other German electricity provider.

In order to sign up with Entega all you need to do is visit the Entega website, calculate your estimated monthly power consumption and then you are ready to go.

But we can recommend Entega not only because of their great offer of green energy.

Entega Energie also has very good customer service and compared to other German electricity providers a very good website and user friendly interface.


Logo Vattenfall newAnother great option as a German electricity provider of your choice is Vattenfall.

In some areas, such as Berlin, Vattenfall is even the so called Grundversorger and therefore whenever you move into an apartment in Berlin without choosing your own electricity provider you will automatically be signed up with Vattenfall.

Which, of course, is not a bad thing. Vattenfall has some very competitive electricity contracts.

The cheapest ones are the Easy24 contracts while the slightly more expensive ones called Natur24 come from 100% eco-friendly procuded energy sources.

SimplyGreen Ökostrom

SimplyGreen_LogoIf you are looking for a new electricity provider that also guarantess 100% clean energy then look no further.

SimplyGreen is the right choice for you!

Why are we so sure about that? Well, first of all SimplyGreen offers 100% green energy with all of their tariffs.

Furthermore their prices are comparable to other electricity providers which use cheaper, but dirtier energy sources such as atomic energy.

And last but not least they offer the best sign up bonuses around.

We recommend right now choosing one of the many bikes that come with signing up for electricity with SimplyGreen.

For the ladies we recommend the citybike “Casino” which would cost alone around 340€ and for the gents we would definitely go for the Fixie bike “Essence” for around 350€.

So in the end you are not only signing up for green energy but you actively do something good for the environment by cycling instead of using your car for trips within your own city.

Comparison of Best German Electricity Providers

 E WIE EINFACHEntega StromVattenfallSimplyGreen
Best deal (3.500 kWh/year)MeinSmartTarifENTEGA Ökostrom MaxiEasy24 StromSimplyGreen Ökostrom
Monthly price best deal
(excluded sign up bonuses)
Price guarantee24 months12 months24 months12 months
Sign up bonus70€
One of 3 gadgets/vouchers
See website for conditions
114€ after 1 year
Depending on contract
See website for conditions
45€ + 156€
See website for conditions
i.a. Citybike, Headphones, Mixer
Contract duration24 months
12 months24 months12 months
100% Ökostrom (from renewable energy sources) optionYesYesNoYes

Other German Electricity Providers


lifestromRight now our favorite pick as electricity provider in Germany is Lifestrom.

What does make Lifestrom so much better than most of their competitors?

Well first of all Lifestrom guarantees the same prices until June 2020 instead of just for the first year as most other providers do.

And secondly right now there is no other company that offers better sign-up bonuses than Lifestrom.

Depending on your taste you will either end up with a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 6s!

So if you are looking for a new electricity provider in Germany we recommend you check out Lifestrom.

Lekker Strom

Lekker Strom is our third recommendation for a German electricity provider.

Similar to E wie einfach Lekker Strom has been on one of the top places in many tests and offers similar conditions and service as E wie einfach.

What should be mentioned that Lekker is proud to offer 100% eco-friendly electricity and absolutely no electricity coming from nuclear power.

So if you don’t mind paying a little bit more than somewhere else but knowing you are being eco-friendly then you should definitely check out the rates that Lekker offers.

Switching Electricity Providers in Germany

Power lines electricityAs already mentioned before it is extremely easy and convenient to switch your electricity provider in Germany.

This can be done online from the comfort of your home and the new electricity provider will handle everything with your old company so that you don’t have to worry to pay two bills at the same time.

All that you need to do is let your new electricity provider know the current amount of consumed electricity (you might need to ask your landlord to give you access to the electric meter if it is located in the basement of your apartment house) and that’s it.

The rest will be handled by your new and hopefully cheaper electricity provider.

Once you have taken care of finding the cheapest electricity provider in Germany you should consider finding the best German mobile phone provider or the best German internet provider.