Best Burger in Cologne

Best Burger in Cologne

Burger Germany

Cologne has burger restaurants for every taste.

Whether you are looking for the classic cheeseburger or a healthy veggie burger, the streets of Cologne hide culinary treasures waiting to be discovered by those who know where to look for.

Cologne’s tradition as a place for good food is also represented in its burgers which are only cooked with the best ingredients.

Many of these places have a steady clientele of loyal fans that keep coming back for the tasty cuisine and the high quality of service.

There’s nothing like eating a delicious hamburger along with a cold beer to accompany it.

Just don’t forget to loosen your belt because the food is so good in these restaurants you won’t know when to stop.

There are many places in the city where to eat, but only a few of these restaurants serve the best burgers in Cologne.

Each of these provides a particular option for fast food lovers who want to experience hamburgers with a special German taste.

These restaurants offer the best burgers in Cologne and a diverse menu from where to choose, with many different types of burgers, and all of them prepared with high-quality ingredients.

But enough for now, let’s see which are the best burger places in Cologne.

Freddy Schilling

cologne freddy schilling burger

The Freddy Schilling is one of the best burger restaurants in Cologne if not in even in Germany.

Freddy Schilling’s most famous dish is the Big Kahuna, a delicious monster of a burger that combines the meat’s flavor with the sweet taste of pineapple and the spicy essence of the Kahuna hot sauce, all in a perfectly cooked burger that will overwhelm your senses.

If you are a vegetarian you can’t miss their Ziegenpeter Burger, a masterpiece that combines with perfection goat cheese and rucola sauce, with the sweet flavors of apple and honey.

They also offer tasty fries, well cooked and salted, to accompany the burger. Good salads and drinks also provide a good way to supplement your meal.

Location: Kyffhäuserstr. 34, 50674 Cologne & Eigelstein 147, 50668 Cologne

Karl Hermanns

cologne karl hermanns burger

Karl Hermanns is a great restaurant that offers its clients large portions, and burgers made with big buns and grilled patties that taste amazing when combined with the delicious homemade barbeques sauce.

They offer beverages at modest prices and have one of the best lemonades there is amongst the city’s burger restaurants, although many of its side dishes don’t live up to the reputation of the delicious barbeques burgers.

While it doesn’t offer the most exciting culinary experience, when compared to the other top burger restaurants in the city, its good price-value relation make Karl Hermanns a popular site among fast food lovers.

Location: Venloer Str. 538, 50825 Ehrenfeld

Beef Brothers

The Beef Brothers are well known for their excellent barbecue burger with bacon. A marvel of cuisine with barbecued meat and bacon encased between 2 fresh and big buns, and prepared with many different toppings from which you can customize with your favorite topping.

If you really want to try a burger that combines the best flavors of beef and veggies, the Ol’ Dirty Bastard does the trick.

There are several options for the vegetarians, including the renowned Don Vito that is prepared with mozzarella cheese and pesto.

The Beef Brothers offers different types of sauces, all very fresh and homemade, that are a great supplement for burgers and fries.

Beef Brothers is a great place to eat burgers made with the freshest ingredients, and with an attention to detail that only a venue dedicated to creating the best organic burgers can have.

Location: Aachener Str. 12, 50674 Belgisches Viertel

Goodman’s Burger Truck

Goodman’s Burger Truck offers a good option to get a tasty burger right in the middle of Cologne’s streets.

This awesome burger food truck changes its location periodically according to a schedule they publish on their facebook page.

Goodman’s burgers are made with fresh ingredients and high quality beef they buy from local meat stores.

Customers appreciate the textures of the burger’s ingredients, with its firm bunds, crunchy lettuce and fresh tomatoes, all selected to offer the best combination of flavors.

They offer their clients the experience of eating a delicious burger in the middle of the city’s urban environment. It has good prices, very economic considering the high quality of their burgers.

Location: Schanzenstr. 39, 50667 Mülheim

Bunte Burger

Bunte Burger is the headquarter of vegan burgers in Cologne.

This restaurant offers the best vegetarian burgers in the city, and is famed amongst its loyal customers for offering meals that balance different flavors and are made with the freshest ingredients.

The Bunte Burger has a menu that includes something for every taste, and uses all kind of vegetables like olives, tomatoes, carrots and cabbages; to create a wonderful symphony of flavors.

To accompany burgers and chips, they offer a variety of sauces and dips, salads and beverages like their delicious lemonade, all served in a family friendly environment that guarantees a wonderful culinary experience for its customers.

Location: Hospeltstr. 1, 50825 Ehrenfeld

Die fette Kuh

This busy little place is known for the quality with which they prepare their burgers.

Patties are well cooked, and they also offer different flavors for the meat like the Teriyaki Burger, with its patty being slowly cooked in a delicious sweet Teriyaki sauce.

The buns are firm and the meat they use is of excellent quality, very fresh and tasty.

Die fette Kuh offers some great toppings from which to choose and different homemade sauces, like the Curry Mayo or the famous Fat Cow Sauce, with which you can season your burgers and fries.

The fries are cooked to the perfect point so that they are very crunchy and salty. They also offer some variants of the traditional fries, with the garlic fries being one of the customers’ favorites.

Location: Bonner Str. 43, 50677 Südstadt

Südstadt Burger

The Südstadt Burger is known for its delicious Barbecue Bacon Burger, a real marvel that will make your mouth turn water with its perfectly cooked meat and the delicate smoky taste of its bacon.

The plates they offer have big portions of excellent crispy fries, like their famous Belgian fries; as well as salads and other side dishes.

The ingredients used are organic and very fresh, since they are usually bought the same day that they are going to be used.

Südstadt Burger also has good prices, which makes it a popular destination among locals and expats.

Location: Merowingerstr. 29, 50677 Südstadt

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