Best Cafes Stuttgart

Best Cafes in Stuttgart

Cafe in GermanyStuttgart is a city full of culture where tourists and residents alike can spend a quiet evening sightseeing and stopping in one of the city’s many cafes for a hot cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

There are many cafes in Stuttgart including many different types of cafes for each customer’s needs

From the breakfast oriented cafes where workers can eat a nutritious breakfast to start their day, to the more meeting oriented coffee shops where people meet friends during the evening.

Enjoy a chat while drinking a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and accompanying it with a sweet slice of pie or a freshly baked bagel.

In addition many of these cafes also offer several menus during the day of simple but tasty food to accompany their hot drinks.

With so many options available finding the best cafes in Stuttgart can be a difficult mission for any newly arrived expat or tourist.

Luckily for you we have collected a list of the best cafes in Stuttgart, these are the places that attract the most loyal clientele that come to enjoy their excellent coffee and variety and quality of bread and pastries they produce.

So next time you are walking downtown don’t forget to check these places out and relax while drinking the best coffee in Stuttgart.


If there’s a place in Stuttgart that deserves the award for best coffee then i would place my bet with Moulu.

Here you can choose from a variety of coffees: from the strong espresso to the milder Wiener Melange, and what is the best cappuccino in town.

Drinking this masterpiece is an experience every coffee lover should try.

With a delicate balance between the flavor milk and the coffee it is smooth yet very savory and just by glancing at the decoration done in the foam is enough to realize the attention they put in every part of creating a cup of coffee.

In addition, Moulu has an excellent brunch menu with omelets, sandwiches, salads, and pastries with which you can accompany your coffee or drink of preference.

Location: Senefelder Str. 58, 70176 Stuttgart

Cafebar Auszeit

You wouldn’t know by the simple decoration of the place, but Cafebar Auszeit is one of the best cafes in town and offers a varied menu of food and drink, going from traditional German cuisine to Italian, French, and even some middle eastern dishes and beverages.

Although it is hard to recommend a single dish, Cafebar Auszeit is known for its cakes and pies.

Especially their homemade Cheesecakes and their savory lunch menu with dishes like Lentil Soup, Farfalle pasta with gorgonzola cheese are to die for.

If you like cafes with a varied menu from which to choose from then definitely give this place a try.

Location: Augustenstr. 52, 70178 Stuttgart


This classy coffee shop is the perfect place to relax during the afternoon eating a delicious cake.

The site attracts a chic clientele to which they offer a daily menu that is constantly updated with net recipes while keeping many of their greatest hits, like their famous Raspberry Cake or the Cassis Cake, in the menu.

Also they offer a terrific brunch which is simple yet delicious.

They really have something for everybody, including gluten-free dishes and options for vegans.

They offer a varied selection of coffees with which you can accompany your cake, including coffee varieties from Bavaria, Hesse, Austria, and Spain.

Check out this sophisticated cafe, sometimes looks can deceive but when it comes to Hüftengold it is as good as it looks.

Location: Olgastr. 44, 70182 Stuttgart
Website: www.hü


HanserBäck is another cafe that offers excellent baked food. Here you can drink your latte while eating a delicious slice of Plum Cake, made with crunchy fruits and yeast dough that evidence the quality of the bakers who made it.

Every cake made in HanserBäck has that perfect combination between the crispy crust in the outside and the soft inside, and with that fresh aroma of recently baked pastry.

Some of the most popular baked delicacies among customers include the Nusszopf, the juicy muffins, the pretzel rolls, their tasty sweet walnut bread, and the croissants.

All of which match perfectly with the store’s latte coffee. Make sure to get some of their spongy and flavorful dreierlei Muffins to accompany your hot latte.

Location: Schwabstraße 57, 70197 Stuttgart

Herbertz Espressobar

This curious cafe has an interesting decoration which makes it look more like an antique shop than your regular coffee shop, but make no mistake, the staff of Herbertz Espressobar knows exactly what they’re doing and the coffee they make is a proof of that.

If the giant vintage coffee machine, made from copper and brass, is the heart of the place then the terrific coffee that comes out of it is the blood that keeps the place alive.

Breakfast choices include thick sandwiches and tasty filled rolls packed with fried eggs, bacon, salad, cucumber, and tomato.

Combining great coffee and tasty breakfast Herbertz Espressobar has continued growing over the years increasingly attracting more clients, so if you are seeking asylum from those long queues at Starbucks you are up for a surprise.

But don’t worry, the reward is totally worth the waiting.

Location: Immenhoferstr. 13, 70180 Stuttgart


We heard stories about this cafe that served great shakes and we knew we had to give it a try.

Coffreez has an excellent selection of both cold and hot beverages including the best frozen yogurt in town, frozen shakes like the frozen fresh berry and other fruit shakes, hot or frozen chocolate, and great coffee.

All of the shakes are made with fresh fruits and creamy milk giving it that natural extra-sweetness you can’t get from artificial sweeteners while the coffee is made with recently toasted beans of high quality.

To accompany these drinks Coffreez has many tasty snacks and breads from which to choose from, including donuts, muffins, and waffles. If you have a sweet tooth like us then don’t leave Stuttgart without giving this place a try.

Location: Königstr. 22, 70173 Stuttgart