Best Cafes Frankfurt

Best Cafes in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt might be one of the best places in Germany to find nice little cafes with great coffee.

Germans, and also the residents of Frankfurt, are heavy coffee drinkers.

You can find most cafes full in the morning, when workers line up to get an energizing breakfast before starting their day and in the afternoon stop and drink a tasty cappuccino and a piece of cake before heading back home.

Cafes are a popular place for tourists who are visiting the city and want to stop and take some time to drink a tasty coffee while enjoying the view of this beautiful city.

But with so many coffee shops in the city even locals can have a hard time finding the best cafes in Frankfurt.

That’s why we made a list of the stores that offer the best coffee, with many different coffee varieties from which to choose from, and serve the tastiest cakes and pastries that complement your drink perfectly. Without further these are the best cafes in Frankfurt.


Glauburg is a great place where to get a healthy delicious breakfast with a diverse selection of meats and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fresh bread and a varied list of spreads from which to choose including different homemade dips, jam, Nutella, and butter.

The selection of cakes is long and varied, and the delicious Cheesecake particularly stands out, with many of them being home made while others are bought from the Rödelheimer Bakery Huck.

To accompany the food they make some of the best Italian coffee we have drinked in the city, with that strong natural taste of coffee and without flavored syrups or too much sugar like they do in most coffee chains.

If you are into tea there are several types of teas available, with the most popular being their delicious Chai Latte.

But the best thing about Glauburg is their Sunday Brunch.

There’s nothing like getting up late after a busy week and eating out one of their dishes that you can choose from a range of their classics, including the buffet, which are tasty and yet still very cheap.

Location: Nordend-West, Glauburgstr. 28, 60318 Frankfurt

Wacker’s Kaffee Geschäft

Wacker’s Kaffee Geschäft is one of the most popular cafes in the city, as you can tell by the queue of people that always forms inside to buy coffee.

The variety and quality of coffee in this place makes it the place to be for coffee junkies. The coffee here is perfectly made and well toasted inside the same store.

In addition, they have a large variety of coffee beans from which to choose from, including different types of beans that go from the sweet flavored Arabica to the strong Robusta variety, and many other types like the popular Turkish, Javanese, and Brazilian beans among others.

You can also choose other hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate, and to accompany your chosen drink they also serve delicious pastries and delicious bread like their Lovely Almond Croissants.

Location: Altstadt, Kornmarkt 9, 60311 Frankfurt

Kaffeewerk Espressionist

Great place to get a cup of coffee from any of the many different varieties that are available.

A view to Kaffeewerk Espressionist is like a map to the world’s coffee varieties, with Ethiopian, Ecuadorian, Kenyan, and Sumatran varieties among others, from which you can choose, and different brewing methods according to the beans that are being used.

But the real star of the show is their Espresso coffee, a real favorite among its clients specially when it comes to the Macchiato Espresso, with their excellent cappuccino coming a close second.

The best time to go to this cafe is in the afternoon when the sun is up when you can get small sweets and sandwiches, and many other delicious desserts with your coffee of choice.

Location: Gallus, Europa-Allee 29, 60327 Frankfurt


Great mocha coffee which balances perfectly the flavors of the chocolate, milk, and coffee that complement each other flavors.

The cappuccino is also worth mentioning thanks to its mild yet still flavorful taste and with a good milk foam covering over the top of the cup.

Good Chai Tea is also available and if you want to try something out of the ordinary we suggest you to pick the Salep.

Salep is a traditional Turkish hot beverage made of hot milk and orchid roots with cinnamon with a strong taste that resembles liquid rice pudding with the flavor of boiled milk and cinnamon.

They also offer a large selection of cakes which are both tasty and come in very big portions.

Location: Bornheim, Heidestr. 149, 60385 Frankfurt

Hoppenworth & Ploch

Hoppenworth & Ploch offers excellent filtered coffee. The coffee here is well prepared and you can tell the effort they took through every step on the preparation, from the roasting of the coffee beans to serving it and decorating the foam, its all the work of true artists.

If you want to drink good coffee then we definitely recommend you try out the cappuccino and the macchiato.

But there is more than coffee here, you can also enjoy a relaxing green tea or a deliciously sweet cup of hot chocolate, specially recommendable for those cold days.

There’s also plenty of pastry and fresh bread which you can buy to accompany your drink, like their delicious muffins or biscuits, both ideal choices to dunk them into your hot chocolate or cappuccino coffee.

Location: Westend-Nord, Siolistraße 7, 60323 Frankfurt