Best German Internet Providers

Internet Provider GermanyFind the best internet provider in Germany with our help.

There are way too many internet providers out there to not get lost.

And believe us, signing up with the wrong internet provider can be a costly mistake.

But with our help you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the biggest internet service providers in Germany.

Generally all internet service providers in Germany offer DSL with at least 16Mbit/s and up to 100Mbit/s or even in few selected areas up to 250Mb/s via glass fiber.

Also most internet providers offer contracts with a minimum duration of 24 months.

Therefore it is really important to choose the right provider as you are stuck with them for a while.

Comparison German Internet Providers 2020

 1&1 InternetDeutsche TelekomO2 Internet
Internet speed16MBits - 250MBits16MBits - 250MBits10MBits - 250MBits
Best dealDSL 50
50MBits Download
10MBits Upload
MagentaZuhause 50
50MBits Download
10MBits Upload
o2 DSL M 50
50MBits Download
10MBits Upload
Monthly price best deal9,99€ first 10 months
34,99€ afterwards
19,95€ first 6 months
39,95€ afterwards
Setup 69,95€
19,99€ first 12 months
29,99€ afterwards
Setup 69,99€
German landline includedYes
Flatrate calls within Germany
19,9ct/min mobile phones
Flatrate calls within Germany
19,0ct/min mobile phones
Flatrate calls within Germany
Flatrate mobile phones
Internet/Phone/TV packagesYes
TV in HD quality included for free
Additional 5,00€/month for TV after free first 6 months
Unlimited high speed internetYesYesNo
Speed cut after 300GBits

1&1 Internet

Logo 1&11&1 Internet is the best internet provider in Germany in terms of service, quality and speed.

It comes as no surprise that 1&1 are rated No.1 in several consumer magazines since 2016.

Also if you read a bit about 1&1 online you will see that most 1&1 customers would recommend 1&1 to their friends which is a very important measurement of customer satisfaction.

Signing up with 1&1 is an easy and straight forward process and we will compare the best options for you.


✅ Very fast internet via glass fiber with up to 250Mb/s
✅ Free hardware when signing up for 24 months
✅ Fair terms of condition
✅ TV in HD quality included
✅ Very good prices for DSL
✅ DSL contracts also include a German landline
🔻 Customer service is not reachable via phone 24/7

✅ Very fast Internet

1&1 is one of the first internet providers in Germany that offers high speed internet via glass fiber in many areas.

With their availability test you can find out if internet via glass fiber is already available in your street.

But even if speed is not your main focus 1&1 has other very good offers which almost always come with a German land-line number.

The basic package comes with up to 16Mbit/s, the slightly more expensive package already offers internet with up to 50Mbit/s.

For heavy internet users the high speed option comes with 100Mbit/s and in some areas you might even get the full speed of 250Mbit/s.

✅ Free hardware – 1&1 Homeserver

1&1 will also give you a free Fritzbox (which they call Homeserver) with your contract, if you sign up for 24 months.

Believe us, right now there is no better option out here in Germany than the Fritzbox routers, which usually start at at least 100€.

So getting a Homeserver for free is already a great deal.

Furthermore if you already own a Router (e.g. from your previous contract) you can just use that one without any problems.

✅ Clear and fair terms of condition

You will get the internet speed that you were promised when signing up.

1&1 double checks during sign up process if the option you have chosen really is available.

And if after your internet access is ready and you will not reach the speed that was promised you can cancel your contract without problems.

✅ TV in HD quality included

We could not believe it ourselves but with all new DSL contracts you will get German TV in HD quality on top for free.

Over 50 German TV stations in HD quality and you don’t have to pay a single cent? Sounds like a great deal to us!

✅ Very good prices for DSL speed

Compared to other internet providers 1&1 offers very competitive rates and great service.

The basic internet option starts with 9,99€ per month (first 12 months), while the fastest option costs 24,99€ for the first 12 months.

Be aware that prices after 12 months go up, so calculate your total costs always for the whole duration of your contract, which in this case is 24 months.

Keep your eyes open as 1&1 offers special deals from time to time on certain packages.

Most recently you got a 100€ signing bonus if you switched your internet service provider.

✅ Internet plus German land-line

All 1&1 internet contracts come with a German land-line number, which is still very useful nowadays.

Most packages include a flat-rate for calls to other German land-lines.

🔻 Customer service not 24/7 via phone

This is just a minor negative point, as most of the time you can solve any problems via their chat or email.

But if you run into more serious problems like not being able to connect to the internet it is nice to know that you can call their service team on a German landline number, which is usually free of charge.

So unless your internet crashes on a Sunday night at 4 am this should not even be a negative point for you.


Having tested out many internet providers in Germany 1&1 Internet is clearly the best choice for you when moving to Germany.

1&1 Internet is very reliable and fast and their prices are almost unbeatable.

And to top all that you will get a free Homeserver from Fritzbox with all 24 months contracts.

And the cherry on top of the cream on top of the cake?

All DSL contracts with more than 16Mbit/s include free HD quality TV channels.

Isn’t that great?

Deutsche Telekom

Logo Deutsche Telekom newOne of our favorite choices for a German internet provider is Deutsche Telekom or short just Telekom.

Be aware that prices are a bit higher compared to other competitors but Telekom offers many extras that otherwise would cost with another provider.

Furthermore make sure to check if you are eligible for their 10€ monthly discount if you also have a mobile phone contract with Deutsche Telekom (search for Magenta Eins Vorteil).


✅ Very fast internet via glass fiber with up to 250Mbit/s
✅ Fair terms of condition
✅ Very good prices if eligible for Magenta Eins Vorteil + other extras
✅ DSL contracts also include a German landline
🔻 For most customers who just want an internet provider the most expensive option

✅ Very fast internet via glass fiber with up to 250Mb/s

In some areas you can already reach up to 250Mb/s with Deutsche Telekom. However for most users the 50MB/s option is the best choice.

✅ Fair terms of condition

Telekom will be able to deliver (if not always fully but mostly close) the maximum speed that has been promised in the contract.

During the signup process it will be double-checked if the option you have chosen really is available.

✅ Magenta Eins Vorteil + other extras

As already mentioned if you have a 24 months contract for your mobile phone with Deutsche Telekom you are eligible for Magenta Eins Vorteil which means a 10€ monthly discount (and some further benefits such as more mobile data).

Also with Telekom you can test some options such as Sky Sport Kompakt for free in the beginning.

✅ DSL contracts also include a German landline

All contracts also include a German landline.

🔻 Possibly most expensive option

If all you want is to get online from at home without any more extras then Deutsche Telekom most likely will be the most expensive option.


Deutsche Telekom might not always be the cheapest option, but if you are eligible for their discount and if your main concern is a fast and stable internet connection at home then we highly recommend Deutsche Telekom.

O2 Internet

Logo o2o2 Internet used to be called Alice in the past. And since o2 took over a lot of things changed for the better.

o2 comes in as a close third in our comparison of the best German internet providers.

What set o2 back is the fact, that it is not really a flatrate anymore, as they will cut your highspeed connection after 100GB/300GB/500GB of data a month and let you surf with only 2Mb/s for the rest of the month.

To be fair 99% of users will not even use 100GB a month of data but this is just our personal opinion that internet should be without data limitation.

On the other hand o2 makes up for this with very cheap monthly rates and also good subsidized hardware.

And since recently all contracts include a flatrate for German landline AND mobile phones.


✅ Awesome prices for DSL contracts
✅ High speed internet via glass viber with up to 250Mbit/s
✅ German landline with flatrate for other landlines AND German mobile phones
🔻 Internet speed will be cut down after a certain amount of data a month

✅ Awesome prices for DSL contracts

o2 offers constantly the best rates for high speed internet in Germany.

If you are lucky they might even have some special offers like discounts for the first 3 months or very cheap Fritzboxes as router.

So keep your eyes open for some special deals from o2.

✅ High speed internet

Minimum packages offer already 10Mbit/s and top end packages offer up to 250Mbit/s.

Therefore o2 is among the top internet providers when it comes to fast internet.

✅ German landline and mobile phone flatrate

Now this is really something that might be interesting for you as probably most of your friends and colleagues will have a German mobile phone number.

And you can call them for free from your homephone, how cool is that?

This means you could save some money and go for a cheaper mobile contract without an all-net flat, as you can do free calls from your homephone.

🔻 Internet speed cut after heavy usage

As mentioned already 99% of users do not reach the limits, but for me personally this is the point, why o2 only comes in third place after 1&1 and Deutsche Telekom.

If 02 thinks you download too much or use up too much data they might cut your internet speed for the rest of the month.


O2 Internet is among the cheapest internet providers in Germany while offering very fast internet and a unbeatable flat-rate for land-line and mobile phone calls.

If you can live with the data limitations then it will be a difficult decision to choose between o2 and 1&1 or Deutsche Telekom.

Insider Tips to save some money

Check for promotions

Bank Accounts in GermanyUsually all internet providers offer some time-limited promotions (e.g. around Black Friday) every now and then.

If you have the comfort to wait a bit before signing a new contract take the time and compare offers.

Of course if you need an internet provider as quickly as possible at least make sure to check all 3 providers (1&1, Telekom and O2) and compare the best deal for you.

Cancel your contract on time

Paying billsYou will get the cheapest deals only if you change your internet provider every 24 months.

Why? Well because most providers give you a discount on the first 12 months.

If you forget to cancel your contract, which has to be done usually 3 months before it expires (which would lead to renewal of 1 year), you will pay the higher price of the last 12 months.

How to setup a German Internet Provider

This is a pretty straight forward process to be honest.

You can do it the old fashion way and go to one of the many stores of Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Media Markt, Saturn, etc. and sign a contract offline.

However this will be way more expensive than setting up an internet provider online.

So our reccomendation is to follow these steps:

  1. Check on our site the different options for internet providers for your needs
  2. Visit their website and choose the best option for you
  3. Enter your personal information (if you have problems with German we recommend using Chrome and let Chrome translate into German).
  4. Make sure to untick all unneccesary options such as surf sticks or special routers, etc. This way internet providers try to upsell you unwanted stuff
  5. After having finished the sign-up process it will take 2-4 weeks until a technician will come to your place and gets you online (if you just change from one provider to the next this usually will not be necessary)
  6. Enjoy browsing the web at home

As you can see it is not too complicated to find a decent German internet provider. The whole process from signing up until being online should not take more than 2-4 weeks in total.

If you simply switch your ISP (internet service provider) it should be possible in just a few days.

Just make sure you don’t miss the deadline to cancel your old contract, otherwise they will renew themselves for another year.


Internet ProviderOur favorite German internet provider right now is 1&1 Internet.

They offer the best package of fast internet, cheap prices and very good customer care.

But rest assured no matter which provider you choose in the end you will not be disappointed if you followed our tips and did some research before signing up for 24 months.

Once you are set with your internet provider it might be worth checking out your choices when it comes to the best German mobile phone contract.