Top 10 Things to Do in Frankfurt

Top 10 Things to Do in Frankfurt

Skyline Frankfurt at night

With a charming combination between tradition and modernity, culture and entertainment; it is not surprising that Frankfurt has become a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

Frankfurt is a city where you can find interesting activities and destinations wherever you go. The top 10 things to do in Frankfurt include many of the city’s top cultural centers, as well as its parks and famous buildings.

Whether you are into higher art, sightseeing, or outdoor activities, there is something in Frankfurt for every taste. We made a list with the top 10 things to do in Frankfurt so that you won’t miss the best entertainment that the city has to offer.

1. Günthersburgpark

Günthersburgpark is a favorite place for visitors and locals alike. Here you can jog or just lay down in the ground while enjoying the sun’s rays in one of the most beautiful parks of the city.

The Günthersburgpark is a wonderful oasis of nature among the busy streets of Frankfurt. If you ever feel like playing a match of soccer outside, or just escape the summer heat and having a picnic with friends, then Günthersburgpark is the perfect place to start.

Location: Nordend-Ost. Günthersburgallee 98, 60389 Frankfurt
Website: N/A
Price: N/A

2. Mainufer

The Mainufer park is located right by the side of the river Main and is a great place where you can exercise outdoors with the beautiful skyline of the city as background.

It is also a great place where you can make a barbecue with family and friends, or enjoy one of the popular boat rides through the main river.

Whether you want a place to exercise or to drink a beer with your friends in one of the many bars located near the boardwalk, the Mainufer is a perfect spot for outside activities.

Location: Sachsenhausen-Nord. Schaumainkai 60313 Frankfurt
Website: N/A
Price: N/A

3. Zoo Frankfurt

Now, if you really want to have a deeper contact with nature, then a trip to Frankfurt’s zoo is a must for you.

Here you will find exotic animals of all shapes and sizes, from tiny South American monkeys that fit in a human hand, to the tower-like giraffes and funny looking hippos, all in a clean and well kept zoo with plenty of green areas where you can eat a snack and rest.

Make sure to pay a visit to the nocturnal hall, so you can see with the help of ultraviolet lights all the unique animals that crawl and fly all over the place.

Location: Ostend. Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, 60316 Frankfurt
Price: $$

4. Goethe-Haus

Frankfurt is also a city of culture, and the birthplace of Germany’s national poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

A visit to Goethe’s house is a time machine to the enlightenment era, where you can still see the original furniture from the time that Goethe and his family lived there.

You can even see the desk where he sat down and wrote some of his most famous works.

See the past through this window to a distant era, and see some of the best paintings of neoclassical and baroque style of the period.

Location: Innenstadt. Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, 60311
Price: $

5. Städel Museum

With a sizable art collection that includes works from renowned painters like Boticelli, Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, the Städel Museum is a must go place for any art lover.

The museum offers exhibits from both old and new schools of art, with paintings from the renaissance and earlier, and all the way to the present with works from modern artists like Max Beckmann and Paul Klee.

Take a stroll through this museum’s halls in an awe-inspiring journey that will take you through the history of European art.

Location: Sachsenhausen-Nord. Schaumainkai 63, 60596
Price: $$

6. Alte Oper

The Alte Oper is the heart of Frankfurt’s classical music scene.

It also is a musical venue that hosts concerts and plays both modern and classical. Here you can see everything from classical operas like the Marriage of Figaro, to popular music concerts, theater performances, and ballet plays.

The Alte Oper has excellent acoustics and well designed seatings so that whether you sit in the balcony or in the arena you are guaranteed that you can get a good look at the stage.

Location: Innenstadt. Opernplatz 1, 60313
Price: $$$

7. Eissporthalle

The Eissporthalle is a popular ice skating park with a number of ice rings, that offer a great place to skate around the park or play.

This is a great place for all the fans of winter sports, Christmas, or just about anybody who likes to do something different in their weekends than just going out to a bar.

The Eissporthalle attracts people of all ages and origins, and if you don’t own your own skates its no problem, just rent a pair in the park’s store and you’re ready to go!

Location: Bornheim. Am Bornheimer Hang 4, 60386
Price: $$

8. Palmengarten

This beautiful botanical garden is a perfect choice to spend a quiet afternoon walking through its hills and paths, and enjoying the view and fragrances of their many exotic plants.

There are many different gardens from which to choose where to do a picnic, and contrary to what you would see in a zoo, the animals roam free between the visitors.

Visit the Palmengarten and walk through its sidewalks and enjoy the view of the gardens with their colorful fish ponds, or rent a paddle boat and traverse through the lake with your significant other.

Location: Westend-Süd. Siesmayerstr. 61, 60323
Price: $

9. Dom St. Bartholomäus

Located in the historic centre of the city, this imposing cathedral is a must see for visitors and locals alike.

Designed in a medieval gothic style, the Frankfurt Cathedral has been the place for worship for Frankfurters for more than a thousand years, while at the same time its impressive design represents a marvelous architectural and artistic accomplishment.

Whether you are a believer or not, you’ll be amazed by the grandeur and majestic decoration of the Dom St. Bartholomäus. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the most awe-inspiring buildings in Frankfurt.

Location: Altstadt. Domplatz 14, 60311
Price: $

10. Römerberg

The Römerberg is the historic center of Frankfurt, with the standard layout of a German square and surrounded by beautiful buildings that are built in the traditional half-timbered style of old German houses.

The square is a place where many festivals are organized, including the famous Christmas market and several food fairs. But it is the beauty of its traditional buildings that keep alive the essence of old Frankfurt what has made the site so popular amongst tourists.

Römerberg is a great place for sightseeing and also has many bars and restaurants where you can stop and enjoy a warm beer with salty pretzels while you watch the colorful scenery of the ancient buildings in the square.

Location: Altstadt. Römerberg 60311
Price: N/A