Buying Furniture in Germany

Buying Furniture in Germany

If you are about to visit a furniture store in Germany then better try free several hours in your schedule.

Furniture yellow

Especially on weekends buying furniture can be a real time consuming pain.

All furniture stores (we are talking about the big ones such as Ikea) are specifically designed that you walk through all the departments and hopefully do some impulse purchases.

Another recommendation, if you really need to do your furniture shopping offline, is to go by car.

The big stores are all located somewhat outside the city center and transporting your new bed in a bus or train is unbelievably painfull. Trust us, we have been there and done that.

Luckily all major furniture stores in Germany now also have an online shop with the exact same prices and offers.

Yes, even IKEA has finally made the move from purely offline into online, which was probably a very good idea especially with corona and the lockdowns we had during that time.

Basically there is no difference to shopping your groceries or your electronics online – just browse through websites like IKEA or Home24, pick your favorites and get them delivered to your doorstep in no tim.

IKEA Germany

IKEA logo

People all over the world love IKEA for their cheap furniture and of course their famous hot dogs.

In Germany IKEA has at least one store in each major city. If you happend to live e.g. in Berlin or Munich there is an Ikea in almost every major neighbourhood.

Even though most Ikea stores are close to public transportation we highly recommend to bring your own car or at least hire a taxi.

But way better than spending your precious free time in an overcrowded furniture store is shopping for furniture online from the comfort of your own home.

Luckily for all of us IKEA lovers the new IKEA Germany offers nowadays all the thing we always needed for our home.

The only thing that is missing compared to the offline shopping experience is the obligatory hot dog after succesfully finishing your furniture shopping tour 🙂

The IKEA online shop offers all common payment methods such as Paypal, Credit Card and EC card.

Delivery is taken care of by DHL for smaller items and companies such as Hermes for bigger pieces of furniture.

If you ask us, Ikea is now our favorite online furniture store as they have managed to offer all of their products at the same prices online.

With the added comfort of not needing to leave your home to do your shopping.


Home24 Logo

The second best alternative to driving to a furniture store and losing hours of time searching for furniture you like is going straight to an online furniture shop such as Home24.

Home24 even used to be the biggest online furniture store in Germany.

If we remember correctly Otto and Ikea are now the two biggest online furniture stores.

That means also that if you enter the home of a friend in Germany you will most likely recognize all the furniture there from those 2 stores.

So if you are looking for high quality furniture that is more unique Home24 is our favorite place to shop.

Some advantages of shopping furniture online at Home24 include:

  • save a lot of time by ordering from home
  • save a lot of hassle by letting others deliver your furniture to your place
  • more time to chose your favorite furniture as no salesman is pushing you into buying something that in the end you don’t even like
  • great online deals

Have we already mentioned the fact that Home24 offers free delivery and return in case you don’t like what you bought?

So there is really no reason anymore why you should not try to buy your furniture online next time and try out Home24.

German furniture stores

Buying Furniture Germany

Of course, if you still don’t feel comfortable with shopping furniture online, you can still check out the other famous German furniture stores.

It might be even sometimes handy that you can check out their products online first and then have a look at them in the furniture store.

XXXL – What sounds a bit dodgy is actually one of the biggest furniture stores in Germany. If you ever pass by a giant red chair there are good chances that it is one of the famous XXXL Lutz chairs next to their furniture stores.

Poco Domäne – If you don’t want to have the same furniture as everyone else (IKEA), but don’t want to spend a fortune then Poco Domäne is a very good place to go shopping for furniture in Germany.

Möbel Höffner – With many furniture stores around Germany also a very good idea to have a look at. Prices are really considerable and they have some good quality furniture on offer.

Buy furniture in Germany – Online or offline?

Buying furniture

Depending on your personal preferences buying furniture online is a real alternative to the traditional furniture stores.

Instead of spending the whole day looking at furniture and then feel urged to buy something so that you have not lost a whole day for nothing, why not browse through furniture websites like IKEA or Home24 and let your dream furniture be delivered to your home.

If you ask us there is no reason why you should be setting a foot inside a furniture store again. Unless of course you are craving one of those delicious hotdogs at IKEA.

Buying uses furniture at fleamarkets

Mauerpark Berlin

Another way to do your furniture shopping is to scout all the fleamarkets in Germany.

Yes, that is right.

Fleamarkets are a great place to find vintage furniture at reasonable prices.

Sellers range from the nice old lady from around the corner to professional resellers.

Make sure to give your dream piece of furniture a thorough check as once you buy it you cannot simply return it to the seller.

Now that you have hopefully found your dream furniture it might be a good time to read about what Germans love to eat.