Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Germany

Top 10 German Tourist Attractions

Germany is on the rise of becoming one of the most visited countries in Europe.

As you won’t be able to cover the whole country we put together this Top 10 tourist attractions in Germany list in order to help you plan your visit to Germany.

1. Schloss Neuschwanstein – Schwangau


Ever wondered which castle you see when visiting Disneyland?

Yes, that is right. Disney got inspired by the magnificent castle of Neuschwanstein, which was built by Ludwig II and finished construction in 1886.

The castle alone is already a masterpiece of architecture and beauty, but combined with the setting nestled between the hills in the South of Bavaria Schloss Neuschwanstein will just blow your mind.

Make sure to bring your significant other with you when visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein, as it is very romantic.

You can even attend some guided tours and learn more about the history of this castle.

No doubt that Schloss Neuschwanstein is a worthy No1 on our Top 10 tourist attractions in Germany list.

2. Brandenburger Tor – Berlin

Located right in the centre of Berlin the Brandenburger Tor is the symbol of reunited Germany.

Right behind the Brandenburger Gate was the Berlin Wall keeping families apart and the city divided.

When the boarders from West to East opened back in 1989 it is no wonder that many Berliners chose to come to the Brandenburger Gate to visit the other side of the wall.

3. Kölner Dom – Cologne

Cologne Dom closeup

The 3rd tallest church worldwide saves the Kölner Dom a spot in the Guinness Book of World records.

The sheer size of this building is hard to grasp from outside.

Construction of the Kölner Dom finished in 1883. Since then the Kölner Dom is the most iconic landmark of the beautiful city of Cologne and a meeting-point for all of its inhabitants.

4. Oktoberfest – München


Don’t let the name Oktoberfest fool you. This beer fest starts already in the mid of September and continues until the beginning of October.

This tradition started back in the days as an incredibly big wedding party of Ludwig and Therese in 1810.

Nowadays herds of tourists flock into Munich in order to have beers out of 1 liter glasses called Maß.

If you have not drunken too much you should also take the opportunity to take a ride on one of the many crazy roller-coasters.

5. Berlin Wall – Berlin

Berlin Wall

Definitely the tourist attraction on our list with the darkest history to it.

The Berlin Wall was built back when the two German countries still were divided and many East Germans made their way over to the West without the intention to ever return.

In order from stopping the whole country to emigrate the leaders of East Germany decided it would be a good idea to built a wall to hinder people from leaving the country.

The Berlin Wall can still be visited at certain points throughout the city.

The most famous spot is the so called East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain. Many artists turned the remains of the wall into a colourful gallery in the middle of Berlin.

Another less know spot to see the remains of the Berlin Wall is the area around Bornholmer Strasse.

Other than at the East Side Gallery you can see not only part of the Berlin Wall but really also the area called ‘Todeszone’ which lay in between two walls and were filled with mines and other things stopping people from fleeding the country.

6. Schloss Sanssouci – Potsdam

Sanssouci Potsdam

Schloss Sanssouci should be on anybody’s list of the top tourist attractions in Germany.

If you are lucky enough to visit Sanssouci during a sunny summer-day you will not believe that you are in the North-east of Germany rather than in the South of France.

Schloss Sanssouci is an impressive castle which can best be compared to Versailles in terms of size and sheer beauty.

Make sure to take enough time as the castle can be visited from inside as well and the gardens stretch out for miles to walk through and dream of old times.

7. Frauenkirche – Dresden

The Frauenkirche in Dresden had been badly damaged during World War 2 by allied bombers, when the whole city of Dresden was under fire and suffered bad losses.

It took years for the city to get back on its feet after these devastating attacks so it was no wonder that the Frauenkirche stood damaged as a reminder of the war for many years.

But with the help of the government and the people of Germany, who donated money for the reconstruction, the Frauenkirche nowadays looks as good and impressive as new.

8. Christkindlesmarkt – Nürnberg

Christkindlesmarkt Nürnberg

Millions of Japanese tourists can’t be wrong.

The Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg is not only the most famous of all Christkindlesmarkets in Germany, but also one of the prettiest for sure.

Countless little huts where you can buy anything related to christmas and of course food and alcohol.

Definitely try out the famous Glühwein, which is heated up red wine with some spices like cinnamon.

This delicious drink is definitely keeping you warm while standing in the cold for hours.

9. Zugspitze -Garmisch Partenkirchen


The highest mountain in Germany and at the same time a paradise for skiing and snowboarding, the Zugspitze is worth a visit for sure.

No other high mountain of the German alps can be accessed that easily by the Zugspitzbahn leaving from Garmisch Partenkirchen and offers such fantastic views than the Zugspitze.

But also if you are not into skiing you can visit the top of the Zugspitze and sit in the mountain station and enjoy the view and a hot chocolate at the same time.

10. Museumsinsel – Berlin

Another Unesco World Heritage site on our top 10 tourist attractions in Germany list and an impressive collection of museum, the Museumsinsel should be on every tourist’s list of things to see in Berlin.

If you want to visit all of the museums you should plan at least 2 days at least.

If you don’t have that much time at least make sure to visit the Pergamon Museum with the impressive Pergamon temple in it.

As you can already see on our Top 10 tourist attractions in Germany list, most of the top tourist attractions either are located in and around Berlin or in the South of Germany.

No wonder that Berlin and Bavaria are the most visited places by tourists in Germany.

If you are staying in Berlin we can recommend you these Top 10 things to do in Berlin.