Neighborhoods in Frankfurt

Best Neighborhoods in Frankfurt

Skyline Frankfurt during day

There are 46 neighborhoods in Frankfurt, each one of them having their own advantages as a place to live in.

As it is to be expected in a large city, conditions of living can vary widely from district to district.

Frankfurt offers great housing opportunities with various prices, and all of them connected by subway stations, allowing the residents to travel fast to any other part of the city.

Frankfurt is the capital of the state of Hessen and it is one of the busiest hubs  in the country, with most of the rail lines and highways passing through the city due to its central location in the heart of Germany.

The city is also known as a world class financial hub thanks to the concentration of many of the major banks in its limits.

Frankfurt’s skyline is dominated by many skyscrapers and tall buildings – an unusual sigh for a German city – and also has a vibrant cultural life with many universities, opera houses, theaters, and cultural festivals, including the largest Book fair in the world.

This is a guide to the best neighborhoods in Frankfurt, but before we describe why they are the finest places to live in the city, here is a complete list of all the 46 neighborhoods in the city.

Don’t worry, we will not go into detail about all of them, we already preselected the best neighborhoods for you so that you find the one that suits you best.

So we won’t feel offended if you skip the complete list, we just wanted to be very thorough.

  • Altstadt
  • Innenstadt
  • Bahnhofsviertel
  • Westend-Süd
  • Westend-Nord
  • Nordend-West
  • Nordend-Ost
  • Ostend
  • Bornheim
  • Gutleutviertel
  • Gallus
  • Bockenheim
  • Sachsenhausen-Nord
  • Sachsenhausen-Süd
  • Flughafen
  • Oberrad
  • Niederrad
  • Schwanheim
  • Griesheim
  • Rödelheim
  • Hausen
  • Praunheim
  • Heddernheim
  • Niederursel
  • Ginnheim
  • Dornbusch
  • Eschersheim
  • Eckenheim
  • Preungesheim
  • Bonames
  • Berkersheim
  • Riederwald
  • Seckbach
  • Fechenheim
  • Höchst
  • Nied
  • Sindlingen
  • Zeilsheim
  • Unterliederbach
  • Sossenheim
  • Nieder-Erlenbach
  • Kalbach-Riedberg
  • Harheim
  • Nieder-Eschbach
  • Bergen-Enkheim
  • Frankfurter Berg


The Innenstadt is the city’s center and it is the commercial heart of the city, harboring most of the city’s banks and financial institutions.

It also has the best stores in the city, including the famous Zeil street which is the largest pedestrian shopping street in the country, with many stores and exclusive boutiques from famous brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Channel among others.

The inner city’s busy boulevards are also filled with many cafés and restaurants that are a good place to stop and grab a bite while shopping.

With its busy shopping streets and great tourist attractions – like the old center of the city with its beautiful wooden buildings – Innenstadt is a highly popular site for renting a house, but finding a property with a cheap rent price can be a daunting task.


Westend is a wealthy neighborhood, popular as a residence site for executives working in the city’s financial industry.

With its streets adorned by many trees and beautifully designed buildings, Westend is a quiet area that attracts many families wishing to live close to the city’s center but without experiencing the inconveniences of living in the busy commercial quarters.

Local parks like the Grüneburgpark provide excelent outlets for the residents to relax and enjoy quality time with their families.

Westend also has luxurious residences that appeal to the many expatriates that move into the city to work in its banks.

If you want to live in a quiet neighborhood with beautiful houses and plenty of green spaces, and that is close to the center of the city Westend is the best option in town for you.


Sachsenhausen is the most populated neighborhood in the city and is a trendy destination for art lovers, thanks to it housing some of the finest museums in Europe.

For those who like to celebrate drinking a glass of beer with friends, Sachsenhausen is packed with many bars that offer a relaxed ambiance for both beer and whine lovers.

Sachsenhausen is a popular residence site among young people with many apartments that can be rented relatively cheap and an exciting nightlife. The main street of Sachsenhausen also offers a good places to buy, with various shops and malls.


Bornheim attracts much of the city’s expatriate population, its large apartment complexes and busy streets with restaurants, cafés and bars, makes it easy to go out until late to drink a beer or eat with friends.

Many restaurants and cafés are built with terraces where the clients can enjoy the city’s scenery while drinking a coffee or eating.

A network of busses connect Bornheim with the city’s center and neighboring districts. Living in Bornheim is quiet and peaceful but some of its streets also offer exciting clubbing options, specially those located close to the the Berger Strauss, the main avenue that crosses Bornheim.


Bockenheim is one of the most populous districts in the city. Bockenheim is an ideal place to live for people who have a tight budget, and are looking for a small flat that they can afford.

It is on the edge of the inner ring but thanks to its good transport network, with bus stations in most streets, it is well connected to the rest of the city. Bockenheim is also close to some of the best parks in the city, like the Palmengarten Botanical Garden, that offer a place to escape the stress of work in a haven of nature just within the city.


Nordend is one of the largest neighborhoods in Frankfurt and it is home to a diverse population of artists, workers, businessmen and bohemians. This community oriented neighborhood is one of the best options for families wishing to move into the city.

Even though it is close to the busy quarters of Frankfurt, the tight sense of community of its residents gives Nordend the cozy feeling of living in a small town. Nordend’s also has great schools which provide good options for families with children.

The small bars in the area are a popular destination for whine lovers in the city, and offer some of the finest cidre houses in the city.