Best Burger in Frankfurt

Best Burger in Frankfurt

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Finding the best burger in Frankfurt can be a very difficult task.

Sometimes average burger places are advertised from word of mouth by regulars, while the best burger places remain relatively unknown to tourists.

Frankfurt’s busy residents love to eat out in a place with good food that can be served quickly.

A good hamburger place takes a special care in offering high quality food to its clients in a place where is pleasant to eat.

Contrary to other fast food restaurants, these sites excel because they offer hamburgers made with fresh vegetables and pack the juiciest meats between its buns.

Did we spark your appetite?

Luckily for you we did our field work, surveying among cab drivers and local fast food lovers to find the best burger in Frankfurt.

You’ll never feel the same way about burgers after trying out these restaurants.

Der Fette Bulle

frankfurt der fette bulle

If there is one word that the clients of the Der Fette Bulle would use to describe its burgers it would be BIG.

This restaurant is a must visit site to all lovers of good cuisine.

The burger’s patties are large and juicy, and they don’t feel greasy when you bite them.

The buns are also of good side and the bread is always fresh. The menu offered is very diverse and includes salads and veggie burgers for people looking for vegetarian food.

The service is fast and the portions are generous, so much that in fact you probably wont be able to finish your plate, i know i couldn’t.

Its famous ‘Der Bulle Burger’ is a favorite among the regular customers, who enjoy their burgers with some deliciously crunchy fries and fresh home made lemonade.

The prices are also very economic, specially when they are compared with the size of the portions.

Location: Kaiserstr. 73, 60329 Bahnhofsviertel

Jamy’s Burger

frankfurt jamys burger

Jamy’s Burger offers hamburgers made with a delicious homemade patty, so well cooked that you feel its flavors melting in your mouth.

The fries they have to accompany your burgers are just exquisite, and they have a wide variety of options from where to choose from.

From their crispy sweet potato fries, perfectly seasoned with the right amount of salt, to their delicious cheese fries which are always served hot.

They also offer refreshing drinks, like their popular homemade lemonade or their fine collections of beers, that are perfect complements to a great meal.

The prices are a bit high in this venue, but considering the quality of the food they serve you really won’t regret it after eating their delicious burgers.

Location: Oskar-von-Miller-Str. 1, 60314 Ostend

Burger Baby

Burger Baby is a favorite among Frankfurt’s residents to buy good food at low prices.

The menu is simple but delicious, with a few interesting oddities, like being one of the few restaurants of the city that serves Cheese Steaks.

The patties of the burgers, made with tender meat from local cattle, are the highlight of their burgers.

The burgers are made with meat from neighboring farms in the area that they buy and grind themselves everyday, ensuring a characteristic freshness and juiciness of their meat patties.

One inconvenience of Burger Baby is that the place is small and generally crowded, so its not always possible for the customers to find a place where to sit or park their cars.

It’s easy to understand how Burger Baby could attract so many Frankfurters with its low prices and their delicious burgers made with fresh, juicy meat.

Location: Höhenstr. 2460385 Nordend-Ost

Heroes Premium Burgers

This restaurant is a popular choice for burger lovers in the city. Heroes Premium’s burgers have big home made buns although unfortunately the patties, though delicious, are very small sized in comparison to the buns.

Nevertheless, with its varied menu from which to choose all kinds of salads, chicken and sides, as well as options to customize your burger to your taste, Heroes Premium Burgers is one of the best options for locals and expats that want to eat a full meal of the best fast food in Frankfurt.

The venue prides itself of offering tasty burgers and large portions for its customers.

Whether you are going to eat alone or with friends, make sure to reserve a table, because it is difficult to find and empty place to sit in this crowded little store.

Location: Leibnizstr. 13, 60316 Nordend-Ost


The Burgermeister offers to its customers a great variety of burgers: from some of the best vegetarian burgers in the city, to beef meat burgers with fresh homemade patties.

All of the burgers are so big you will have trouble even taking a bite. And no, please don’t try to eat your burger with cutlery.

Burgermeister offers a wide variety of condiments and sauces with which to spice your burger, and they also have their own special toppings.

Prices in the store are very reasonable although the sizes of the beverages they offer are too small, specially considering the quantity of food they have to accompany.

If you want to go to a site that offers great burgers with a wide variety of options to customize your food, and with good prices for the quality and quantity of your meal, then Burgermeister is a must go for you.

Location: Dreieichstr. 20, 60594 Sachsenhausen-Nord

Yours Australian Bar

This sports bar offer some of the most unique options of burgers in the city, from the traditional American recipes, to exotic burgers made with the meat of Australian animals like kangaroos, emus and crocodiles.

The place offers a lively environment where to play pool or watch sports games while you wait for your food to be prepared and it also offers some great snacks and sides.

This is a very big locale so you wont have trouble finding a place to sit and accommodate your family or friends with you on a table.

This is a paradise for meat eaters, so don’t expect to find anything good for vegetarians other than a few salads. Yours Australian Bar is a great place to chill that offers a varied menu at moderate prices.

Location: Schillerpassage Rahmhofstr. 2-4, 60313 Innenstadt

Chicago Meatpackers

The Chicago Meatpackers is a favorite among American expats thanks to their traditional American bar menu that offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, fries, ribs, onion rings, etc.

They have tasty burgers and sweet potato fries, which come in really big portions.

Chicago Meatpackers is a perfect place where to eat a large meal for a fairly low price, but the taste of the food may not be that awe-inspiring for those looking for a more intense culinary experience.

Location: Untermainanlage 8, 60329 Bahnhofsviertel

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