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Best Burger in Stuttgart

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If you are a fan of eating a burger when going out, Stuttgart offers many venues that serve good quality fast food with juicy hamburgers that melt in your mouth.

But it is not only the burgers that make some of our favorite burger places in Stuttgart that special.

All of them also offer perfectly seasoned crispy fries, wedges and other sides that can be complemented by a sweet soda, homemade lemonade or a tasty and cold beer.

Finding the best burger in Stuttgart is a difficult task, and is even complicated by the prevalence of many fast food chains in the city.

These fast food chains take away the customers attention from the high-quality restaurants in the city that create burgers with organic ingredients and with intense flavors that commercial franchise-like burger chains could never dream to recreate.

This is why we decided to put together this best burger in Stuttgart list.

Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers

Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers is a popular burger restaurant with the locals, and any day of the week you can find it packed with customers so much that it is difficult to find a table where to eat.

The reputation of this restaurant rests on the excellent quality of their burgers, which are made with fresh ingredients and expertly cooked so as to make the flavors of the meat stand out.

They offer a simple menu but with burgers for every taste and preference, including some fine vegetarian alternatives for fans of vegan food. Burgers can be ordered in 3 different sizes and they have a generous amount of filling.

The fries are seasoned with just the right amount of salt, and are so well fried that they remain crispy and fresh up to 20 minutes after being served.

The prices of the food are expensive for a fast food restaurant but the quality with which they prepare the food makes it worth the extra money, and is a great bang for the buck.

Location: Bottwarstr. 1, 70435

Imbiss Inn

The Imbiss Inn is a great option for those fast food lovers who like to have a menu with a wide variety of burgers and side dishes from which to choose.

The Imbiss Inn offers a large selection of burgers, including the specialties of the house like their famous Currywurst Special, and different types of veggie burgers and salads as alternatives for those vegetarians who want to eat a healthy meal prepared with the freshest vegetables.

They also offer soft drinks and various beer brands from which to choose. This restaurant is a great place to eat, thanks to the quality of their food and their good prices.

Location: Plieninger Str. 94, 70567

Hans Im Glück

This restaurant is known among locals and expats for the high-quality of their burgers and their varied menu which includes creative alternatives to those regularly served in most burger restaurants.

No other burger venue offers buns like those of the Hans Im Glück restaurant.

This restaurant has expert bakers that everyday create buns like nothing you ever tasted before.

The bread is so soft and fresh you feel like it melts in your mouth, and has that hypnotizing fragrance typical of bread that has just been taken out of the oven.

The taste of the buns is complemented by the rich flavors of the different toppings they offer.

In addition to their succulent beef burgers, the Hans Im Glück offers some of the best vegetarian burgers in the city, with their Spicy Veggie Burger being one of the most popular among the customers.

The fries are good and come in large portions that will satisfy the most hungry client.

Good salads are also available for those who are on a diet or just want to accompany their burgers with a light side dish.

Location: Tübinger Str. 41-43, 70173