Best Cafes Cologne

Best Cafes in Cologne

Cafe in Germany

Finding the best coffee in Cologne is not an easy task.

There are just so many nice little cafes that you can easily get lost.

Especially if you are new in Cologne you may want to take a break from all the sightseeing and the hustle of walking around the city to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while contemplating the beautiful urban scenery.

Exploring the beautiful city of Cologne is an adventure for the senses, but the city is not only a place where you can find beautiful medieval architecture it also has some of the best cafes in Germany.

There are many types of cafes in the city that cater to a specific group’s preferences whether they are workers, immigrants, or tourists, but with so many options available a tourist or a new expat that has just arrived in the city will have a hard time finding the best cafes in Cologne.

That’s why we took to the streets to ask coffee lovers all over town to find out which are the best cafes in Cologne.

Visiting these coffee shops is a must for every coffee enthusiast thanks not only to the excellent coffee that they serve, but also due to the delicious pastry, cakes, and bread they sell which are perfect to accompany your hot drink of choice.

Hernando Cortez

This fancy restaurant offers a sophisticated experience for the more demanding taste. Here you can find all kind of delicious pastries and desserts in portions larger than you would normally expect for high-quality food like this.

Some of the most popular choices include the delicious cupcakes, and among the cakes the Strawberry Cake should be on anybodies to-do list.

If you are a chocolate fan then you’ll find plenty of delicious desserts from which to choose from, including the sweet Chocolate Tart and the luscious Chocolate Cake with Raspberries.

They also offer various hot chocolate beverages from excellent brands from Ecuador, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, and Venezuela among others.

And lastly we could not forget to mention the coffees which are well prepared and are served in a generous cup unlike those tiny tea cups they serve in other places.

Location: Neumarkt, Viertel Gertrudenstr. 23, 50667 Cologne


This traditional cafe is one of the last of a dying breed in the city. This elegant old cafe/pastry attracts a mixed clientele of every background that are drawn into the place by the variety and quality of the cakes and their cappuccinos.

Their cream cakes are particularly loved by the customers and are as tasty as they are well decorated and attractive to the eye.

Other favorites you can’t miss include the Baumkuchen Cake, the delicious Strawberry & Rapsberry Cake, and the Ice Cream Cake.

And what better company for a exquisite cake than a good cup of their excellent cappuccino with cream or milk added to your taste.

Don’t leave Cologne without having eaten a slice of some of the best cakes in the city which only a store with a long tradition like Wahlen could prepare.

Location: Mauritiusviertel, Hohenstaufenring 64, 50674 Cologne

Le PomPom

Le PomPom is a charming cafe with the air of a fairy tale house. This cute little coffee shop stands out for its cupcakes which are well made and decorated with lively colors.

The topping of the cupcakes is made with cream cheese, instead of buttercream like it is traditionally used in pastry, which gives them their characteristic soft texture and makes it more delicate than the sugar-heavy buttercream cupcakes.

In addition to their cupcakes they also sell cakes and other varied pastry desserts which are all well made, moist, and tasty but without being too sweet.

To accompany these sweet treats they offer a variety of juices, coffees, and a good selection of teas including excellent ones like the Matcha latte, the Chai Latte, and their Green Tea with a topping of Poppy seeds.

Location: Belgisches Viertel, Lindenstr. 38, 50674 Cologne

Villa Mathilde

Villa Mathilde has a simple, almost austere decoration, with the glass cabinets showing off the cakes and tarts with little adornment.

But don’t let the appearances fool you, this little place takes baking quite serious and offers some of the best cakes in Cologne like their delicious Chocolate Almond Cake, without a doubt the best in the city.

They also various drinks with good coffees like their Cappuccino and a Latte Macchiato, teas, chocolate, and organic juices like their exotic Proviant Mango-Maracujas and Riesperle Lemon-Mints.

Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting this hidden gem, Villa Mathilde is a box full of surprises waiting for you to be opened.

Location: Deutz, Mathildenstr. 27, 50679 Cologne