Best Bars in Cologne

Best Bars in Cologne

Bars in Germany

Cologne is famous for its beers and its bars, so much that some actually say that Cologne is the city with most bars in Germany.

Here you can find everything from quiet French bistros, to hip cocktail bars, and noisy Brauhaus pubs where you can enjoy the traditional Kölsch local beer.

The the Köbes waiter is a familiar character that you’ll find in many of the city’s Kölsch beer bars.

Dressed in their blue uniforms and carrying their leather purse strapped to their waist, these waiters can travel even among the most crowded places to keep supplying you with beer without you even having to ask.

Finding the best bars in Cologne is a challenge for any tourist that has just arrived to the city, but luckily for you we have made a list of the best bars in Cologne based on the quality of their drinks, environment, and service.

Ona Mor

Ona Mor has earned a reputation as one of the top cocktail bars in Cologne, and with just one sip to one of their cocktails is enough to understand why.

Here the cocktails are prepared using only the best fruits and spirits, which really shows in their flavor, and are carefully presented to the clients to show a beautiful appearance.

The owner is a skilled bartender who constantly updates the menu with new and creative cocktail recipes.

Add to that their friendly service, which goes the extra mile to keep their clients happy with details like giving you free truffled popcorn while you wait for your drink, and you got a five star cocktail bar.

Location: Roonstr. 94, 50674 Belgisches Viertel
Price: $$$


Keimaks is a place with the charm of a little Parisian cafe. This bistro is a great site to enjoy classic drinks like the Mayflower, Millionaire’s Mule, or New York Sour, while accompanying them with small dishes and cheese.

The place is little but stylish, flaunting a quiet atmosphere that invites you to take your time to enjoy the rich cocktail’s flavors. The kitchen’s staff are skilled at preparing simple yet tasty dishes that are a great company for the wines and cocktails they serve.

With good food and drink in one place, Keimaks is a nice option to spend a quiet afternoon, sitting in the small tables by the sidewalk, in a place that captures the atmosphere of old Paris right in the middle of busy modern Cologne.

Location: Kurfürstenstr. 27, 50678 Südstadt
Website: N/A
Price: $$

Harry’s New York Bar

Just like their name suggests, Harry’s New York Bar is a place that captures the allure of the big apple. Here you can find sophisticated cocktails with the best presentation and flavors. All of the alcohol served is high-quality and of the best brands.

The cocktails are great, and the original recipes are creative and delicious with their version of gin & tonic really standing out. The bar has a nice lounge atmosphere with their own pianist playing every night and a well-mannered professional staff giving a great service. If you like to drink with style give it a try to this little piece of New York in Germany.

Location: Pipinstr. 1, 50667 Martinsviertel
Price: $$$

Shepheard Bar

What first catches the customers’ attention when entering the Shepheard Bar is their minimalist, almost futuristic design and decoration with colors and lightning that are well chosen to relax the visitors.

But what really makes this bar stand out is their amazing staff. The bartenders here are experts in their craft and can make the best cocktail out of the vaguest suggestions you make. Just tell them what fruit or liquor you like and watch how they improvise a new recipe out of the air.

The menu is varied and specially friendly to gin lovers. If you are into stylish decor and delicious custom made cocktails then you’ll feel right at home at the Shepheard Bar.

Location: Rathenauplatz 5, 50674 Rathenauviertel
Price: $$$


With amazing drinks, ambiance, and a friendly staff, Spirits has all the qualities you could look for in a bar. The drinks are well made, creative, and include several original creations from the bartender.

The service is first class and the bartender always serves the drinks in impeccable glasses with a smile on his face. The ambiance is relaxed and cozy, with good music playing at a perfect volume and cozy seats where you can sit and chill with friends, or you can sit outside in their wayside chairs while you enjoy Cologne’s landscape.

Location: Engelbertstr. 63, 50674 Belgisches Viertel
Price: $$$