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Have you ever wondered about the Top 10 German things like the Top 10 tourist attractions in Germany or the Top 10 foods here?

Lucky you as we put together exactly these Top 10 lists for you. Of course no Top 10 list would be complete if you would not talk about food.

But there is more to German culture than just food. Enjoy reading all these Top 10 lists, after which you will be an expert in German culture and history.

Top 10 foods in Germany


Germans are known for eating a lot of potatoes (stereotype!) and a lot of meat and sausage (true!).

But to reduce German cuisine to just these foods would not be fair.

There are so many awesome dishes, many of them being regional specialities, that we felt the need to let you know about the Top 10 foods in Germany.

Top 10 sports in Germany

Golf Tee

If you follow sports on TV you might have noticed that Germans are all over the place.

No matter if football (World Champion), Formula One (Schumacher & Vettel) or Handball (strongest league worldwide) Germans love sports.

So here you go, keep reading about the Top 10 German sports.

Top 10 tourist attractions


Believe it or not, but Germany has to offer some of the worlds most spectacular tourist attractions.

Of course don’t expect to find some gigantic natural wonders in Germany, but be prepared to find some spectacular architecture and some unique public festivals like the Oktoberfest or Christkindlesmarkt.

Continue reading about the Top 10 German tourist attractions.