Best Bars in Frankfurt

Best Bars in Frankfurt

Bars in Germany

Whether you are visiting Frankfurt for the first time, or are an expat that has just moved into the city, Frankfurt offers excellent bars where you can relax at the end of the day with a large glass of German beer.

The best bars in Frankfurt are mostly found around the Innenstadt, the city’s centre, where most of the trendy drinking places lay close together catering to a sophisticated audience’s taste for lounge bars and cocktails.

But you can also find every type of bar here, whether they are quiet bistros and wine bodegas, or wild college bars with an electrical party atmosphere. We’ve visited the best bars in Frankfurt and rated them based on their service, quality of drinks, and ambient. So go ahead and take a seat in one of these bars and ask for their specials, you’ll thank us later. Zum Wohl!


frankfurt barhundert

Barhundert is one of those places were you just enter and feel that everything is right. The atmosphere is so relaxed, and the staff is always very friendly and eager to pamper their customers making sure that they always have a snack in their hands.

The ambiance is relaxed and stylish with good lounge music playing in the background, and well made drinks like their Tequila Sunrise, Big Lebowski, and Red Snapper cocktails. Don’t forget to try their Violet Hour, a sensuous fruity drink that is fresh yet not sweet and with a small touch of gin.

Location: Stiftstr. 34, 60313 Innenstadt
Price: $$

Luna Bar

Located in the center of Frankfurt, this classy bar has been a favorite among locals and visitors for years thanks to the quality and variety of their cocktails, and their friendly staff of bartenders. Here even clueless clients can discover their favorite cocktail.

With just asking a few questions to you the bartenders can make a drink specially customized for your taste, and if you really want to taste something special make sure to ask for their Whiskey Sour and Mint Julep cocktails, or their delicious strawberry based Godzillas. With a great balance between variety and quality, Luna Bar is the go-to place for cocktail lovers in Frankfurt.

Location: Stiftstr. 6, 60313 Innenstadt
Price: $$$

Die rote Bar

This classy bar used to be a secret that only a selected few knew about, but now is visited by locals and tourists alike. And who wouldn’t like die rote bar, inside their red doors there’s a tasteful atmosphere with a mix between a classic cocktail bar and a modern club.

The staff is well mannered and very professional, and they serve a varied selection of whiskys and cocktails. With an elegance that is not found in most modern bars die rote bar is an excellent spot to get vip service and excellent drinks.

Location: Mainkai 7, 60311 Altstadt
Price: $$$

The Parlour

Finding The Parlour is an experience in itself and you have to be well informed about it to be able to find the entrance at all, but the excellent drinks are well worth the trouble. This discrete classy bar offers numerous homemade drinks and syrups to complement their excellent cocktails, like their famous Berry Moscow Mule.

The cocktail menu is fairly small but the skilled bartenders make up for it by improvising any drink you may think of. Don’t miss the chance to try this unique gem hidden in the middle of central Frankfurt

Location: Zwingergasse 6, 60313 Innenstadt
Price: $$$

Gute Stute

If you are looking for an unconventional drinking experience different from any other bar in Frankfurt then Gute Stute is the place for you. This unique bar is attended by his octogenarian Yugoslav owner and has a very interesting atmosphere. As soon as you enter the door the customers are greeted by horse neigh sounds and an actual stuffed horse right in the middle of the bar!

The owner and his wife are very friendly and they personally attend every client as they were guests in their house. Here you can get a good old German beer straight out of the barrel, and even free potato chips and shots if you stay long enough. For a unique experience in the best dive bar in the city you have to check the Gute Stute.

Location: Kölner Str. 42, 60327 Gallus
Price: $