German Cable TV providers

Best German Cable TV Providers

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Signing up with a German cable TV provider is one of the easiest task there is.

The only thing you should do is compare the prices for cable TV available in your area so you don’t pay unnecessarily too much for German cable TV.

There are two things about the availability of certain German cable TV providers.

First of all, some of the cable TV providers only operate in certain areas like Primacom or Kabel BW. If you are living outside their business area you obviously can’t sign up with them.

Luckily the major German cable TV providers like Kabel Deutschland are available nationwide.

The second point is a bit trickier. If you are living in an apartment building you need to read your rental agreement carefully. There is the possibility that your landlord has signed an exclusivity agreement with a certain cable TV provider. In this case you have no choice and need to sign up with this cable provider.

Unitymedia – Kabel BW


Unitymedia and Kabel BW are another great choice for TV via cable.

Similar to Kabel Deutschland also Unitymedia offers a great choice of different HD channels and hardware options.

Especially if you are into German football you should consider signing up with Unitymedia and choose the option with Sky in order to see all matches live and in HD.

Furthermore if you are considering signing up for cable TV and internet there are some very interesting Kombi-offers.

The basic internet option starts with 10 MBit/s while the maximum speed provided goes up to a fantastic 120 MBit/s. If you are considering to sign up with Unitymedia you can check their availability in your area here.

Kabel Deutschland

Kabel Deutschland currently is probably the best German cable TV provider. As the name already suggests, Kabel Deutschland is available in most places in Germany.

You can choose between different offers that may include all HD channels and a digital HD video receiver that lets you record your favorite TV shows.

Especially for English natives Kabel Deutschland offers a big selection of international TV channels in English. But with Kabel Deutschland you can also watch TV channels from Turkey, Spain, France or Portugal.

In case you are looking for fast internet as well you should consider signing up with Kabel Deutschland for TV and internet as this will save you some money compared to signing up with 2 different companies for TV and internet.

Best of all Kabel Deutschland offers incredibly fast internet via cable with up to 100 MBit/s. To find out if you can sign up with Kabel Deutschland take their availability test online.

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