Top 10 Things to Eat in Stuttgart

Top 10 Things to Eat in Stuttgart

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If your holiday plans this year include a trip to Stuttgart or if you live in Stuttgart , then this list of the Top 10 things to eat in Stuttgart is for you.

Stuttgart’s status as the ‘cradle of the automobile’ ensures that it gets a steady stream of visitors throughout the year.

Well, if you are one of these lucky tourists or even a true local make sure you have time for these amazing restaurants and their signature dishes.

Believe me your trip is going to be incomplete if you miss out on trying our Top 10 things to eat in Stuttgart.

1. Alaturka

stuttgart alaturka

First up on our list is Alaturka restaurant located at Olgastrasse 109. If you are into Turkish food, look no further, this is the place for you.

Its an extremely popular joint with its signature dishes of kebabs though it can be a little pricey.

Hungry mouths often have to wait in line to get one of their famous & tasty kebabs.

But it would not be fair if you reduce Alaturka just to their döner, whatever you pick of their menu just tastes incedibly rich and tasty.

And best of all Alaturka doesn’t charge a fortune, so get the best döner in Stuttgart at Alaturka.

Location: Olgastr. 109, 70180 Stuttgart
Price: $

2. Christophorus

Next up is Christophorus restaurant near Porscheplatz. It’s a restaurant with Mediterranean and regional delicacies along-with a wide collection of wines.

This place is famous for its steaks which steak-lovers swear by.

Make sure to give their dry aged steak a dry äh try 🙂 You will not be disappointed. Did we already mention that the restaurant is located in the Porsche museum?

So if you feel like seeing some dreamcars you only need to get up and walk over to the great Porsches displayed in the museum.

Location: Porscheplatz 1, 70435 Stuttgart
Price: $$$

3. Le Pastis

Third on our list is a French restaurant called Le Pastis located in Sophienstreet.

Their specialty is their multi-course menus which offers a wide variety and is easy on the palate.

So if you are looking for amazing fresh French flavours and good wine to go with it on your next date, head to this place.

We can’t promise that the date will be succesful, but chances are unlike higher at this place than if you take out the lady to McD.

Location: Sophienstr. 3, 70180 Stuttgart
Price: $$$

4. Injeera

Next if you are in the mood for some exotic African dishes, then our next suggestion is to make Injeera restaurant near Wagnerstreet your destination.

The signature dish of this place is the combo platter with which you just can’t go wrong, it’s a combination of beef, chicken, lamb, lentils, collard greens, potatoes and okra.

Location: Wagnerstr. 30, 70182 Stuttgart
Price: $$

5. Gaststätte zum Ackerbürger

Our next suggestion is a German restaurant called Gaststätte Zum Ackerbürger near Spreuergasse.

If you go here, be sure to order its steak in a hollandaise sauce and a Camembert, and you won’t be disappointed.

Fantastic food and very nice atmosphere in this gem in Stuttgart.

Location: Spreuergasse 38,  70372 Stuttgart
Price: $$$

6. Udo Snack

If you fancy a snack in a nice location head over to Udo Snack on Calwer street.

Their curry wurst and burgers are to die for, and they are light on the pocket too.

But don’t be fooled, even though the food is very affordable they do not compromise on the taste and quality of their food.

Location: Calwer Str. 23, 70173 Stuttgart
Price: $$

7. Il Pomodoro

Eighth up is Il Pomodoro, an Italian restaurant near Silberburg street.

Other than the amazing pizza and the pasta, they have great wine, seafood and steak too. We can’t really tell you what to order, it is probably up to what you feel like that evening.

I always order pizza, but that is just me.

Location: Silberburgstr. 72, 70176 Stuttgart
Price: $

8. Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers

Our ninth endorsement is for Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers which is on Bottwar street.

This place is famous for its extra-ordinary finger-licking good burger and fries. There aren’t many options other than burgers and fries, so keep that in mind.

But we think that it is a good sign if a place only has a limited choice, because that means they know what they are doing.

In this case it means that their burgers are top notch and have nothing to do with burgers from McD or Burger King.

Location: Bottwarstr. 1, 70435 Stuttgart
Price: $$

9. Epicerie Fine

Last but not the least is the épicerie fine, another french restaurant in Olga street.

This again has an amazing selection of courses with accompanying wine.

Their specialty is the excellent Paté they offer alongwith a great selection of cheeses.

Location: Olgastr. 136, 70180 Stuttgart
Price: $$

As you can see from our Top 10 things to eat in Stuttgart list this city offers a wide variety of different types of cuisines.

No matter if you are in the mood for some fancy french food or just a fantastic burger you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed – at least if you follow our recommendations.

Enjoy and Guten Appetit.

Oh and if you fancy a good old tasty burger make sure to check out our best burger in Stuttgart list.