Best German Mobile Phone Contract

German mobile phone contractFind the best German mobile phone contract with our help.

Signing up with the best German mobile phone provider will save you a lot of money and trouble, as problems are bound to arise if you pick the wrong provider.

To help you find the best mobile contract for your own personal needs and preferences, we put together an overview of the most popular German phone providers.

Some things you need to decide for yourself are whether you prefer a cheaper phone provider, or if your main focus is on fast mobile internet, etc.

Whatever your needs are, with our help you will find the best German mobile contract!

1&1 Mobile Phone Contract

Logo 1&1A great choice for your new mobile phone provider is 1&1.

1&1 has been rated as the best German phone provider in recent years in several leading customer magazines.

Plus 1&1 is know for their excellent customer service.

A great advantage of 1&1 is that you can choose between different mobile networks.

If your focus is on having a great deal and pay as little as possible for good quality net coverage than the E-Netz is your choice with prices starting at 9,99€ per month.

If you are travelling a lot, also in more rural areas, then you should rather opt for D-Netz contracts, which are slightly more expensive and start with 14,99€ per month, but offer the best reception possible.

Right now our clear No 1 pick for a mobile phone contract in Germany is 1&1 Internet.

Great deals combined with the flexibility of choosing your favorite mobile phone and network paired with their great customer service make for a great combination.


Logo small TarifhausMaybe you haven’t heard of Tarifhaus yet, as this is a very new phone provider in Germany, but it is definitely worth checking out their offers.

Luckily Tarifhaus offers different options for all needs. If you are looking for a cheap contract go for an option with o2-Telefonica network.

If you prefer good reception both in cities and in rural areas and fast mobile internet you should pick one of the D1 network contracts.

Tarifhaus will be a perfect fit for anybody who is looking for a contract with

✅ 3 or 4 GB of mobile Data with LTE speed
✅ 6 month contracts
✅ Flatrate for calls within Germany and flatrate for SMS
✅ Very competitive prices

We strongly recommend Tarifhaus for anybody who is looking for a good compromise of good prices and quality plus the advantage of being very flexibel.

You never know, if you need to move away again from Germany at least you are not stuck with a 24 months contract.

o2 – Mobile Contract

Logo o2 newo2 recently became the biggest German mobile provider after merging with Eplus.

This means that they are probably a good pick already, as many of your friends might have a contract with them.

o2 is especially popular in big cities and less popular in rural areas, as their signal in cities is quite strong while when on the road a lot you might have trouble finding a signal.


✅ Good reception in cities
✅ Fast mobile internet with LTE
✅ Cheap starter packages to pricier high speed packages
✅ Flexible contract duration starting from 1 month to 24 months
🔻 Weaker signal in rural areas

Good reception in cities

As already mentioned, o2 has good reception in German cities.

This is something you are really going to appreciate if you’ve ever had a mobile provider that only provided bad signal that made it impossible to have long calls.

Fast mobile internet with LTE

If you need very fast mobile internet, make sure to sign up for a contract that includes the LTE option.

At the moment, the maximum speed for LTE is 50Mb/s, which is probably faster than your internet at home.

Big choice of different tariff options

You only pay for what you really need. If you do not need a mobile flat rate for all German mobile providers, or the fastest mobile internet available, then you just pick the package that suits you best, which means you can save a lot of money.

Flexible contract duration

If you are not sure how long you will stay in Germany, signing up for a monthly contract would be a great idea.

However, keep in mind that this flexibility will come with higher costs than signing up for a 24 month contract, for example.

Weak signal in rural areas

Let’s not beat around the bush, while o2 is great in cities, it can be really annoying if you live in a small German village and constantly have to fight for signal.

So here’s one tip: if you do live in a village, the best thing to do would be to ask your neighbors which German mobile provider they are with, and how good – or bad – their signal usually is.


O2 mobile contracts are a great choice for all that want to save some money but still need full LTE speed.

If you prefer flexibility you better sign up for a contract that can be quit on a monthly basis.

Reception in big cities is very good, but if you live in a rural area ask your friends first if they experience problems with reception with o2.

Comparison Best German Mobile Phone Providers

 1&1 InternetTarifhaus
Mobile network qualityGreat D-Netz
Medium Telefonica
Great D1 network
Medium quality Telefonica network
Medium Telefonica
LTE (fast mobile internet)Yes
Up to 225MBit/s
Up to 21,6MBit/s
Up to 225MBit/s
Best dealLTE M 5GBAllnet L 3GBo2 Free M 10GB
Monthly price best deal14,99€ first 12 months
24,99€ afterwards
29,99€ per month
Flatrate best dealYes
Phone calls in Germany and EU-wide
Phone calls in Germany and EU-wide
SMS flat
Phone calls in Germany and EU-wide
SMS flat
Contract duration24 months6 months24 months
Option for monthly contract +5€/month

Other German Mobile Phone Providers:

Deutsche Telekom

Logo Deutsche Telekom newDeutsche Telekom would be a good choice if you are looking for great mobile network quality.

Deutsche Telekom has been rated best German mobile network 3 times in a row by several popular consumer magazines, such as ‘Connect’ and ‘Chip’.

Quality comes with a price though, which is why we can’t recommend Deutsche Telekom.

Their mobile network quality might be among the best in Germany, but their prices are just not fair in our opinion.


✅ Great mobile network quality
✅ Many different options (especially for heavy phone users)
✅ Very fast mobile internet with LTE
🔻 Too expensive compared to mobile providers

Great mobile network quality

As mentioned before, Deutsche Telekom is known for having the best mobile network quality of all German mobile providers.

This means that usually, even in the most remote German village, with Deutsche Telekom you will have strong signal for calls and mobile data.

So if you are going to live in a very remote area, or if you travel a lot, then Deutsche Telekom is a very good choice.

Many different options

Only pay for what you need – this is why Deutsche Telekom offers a lot of choices.

Not only can you choose to have flat-rates and extra fast internet, you can also save some money if you don’t need a new mobile phone, or if you are under 25 (or even 29 if you are a student).

Very fast mobile internet

While other German phone providers only offer LTE with up to 50Mb/s, Deutsche Telekom is one of the few companies that can already offer up to 100Mb/s.

This is probably 10 times faster than your internet at home!

Too expensive compared to other providers

When comparing the rates for similar packages, you will see that Deutsche Telekom is slightly more expensive than other German mobile providers.

If you are only looking for the cheapest option available, don’t sign up with Deutsche Telekom.

But if you don’t mind paying a bit more in order to get the best quality, then Deutsche Telekom is your best pick.


Deutsche Telekom has won every test regarding quality of net coverage and quality in the last couple of years.

Right now they also are ahead of competition when it comes to LTE and mobile internet.

But quality comes at a price, which in this case is slightly higher costs than other German mobile phone providers.

Vodafone, Congstar, Yourfone

As mentioned before, we are only comparing the best mobile phone providers in Germany, which is why this list is not complete, but it will be frequently updated.

So as soon as better deals are available we will let you know about them.

If you want to check out some of the other major phone providers in Germany, have a look at Vodafone, Congstar, and Yourfone.

After sorting out your German mobile phone provider it is time to consider signing up with a German internet provider or get German cable TV.