Most famous Online Shopping Websites in Germany

If you lived in the US or UK or elsewhere in the world you are probably very used to do most of your shopping online. Luckily Germany has picked up a lot in the past and you can basically buy whatever you need from clothes to furniture to groceries online.

To be able to do your online shopping in Germany you will need to have a credit card, a German bank account (if you still need one check out our recommendations for a German bank account) or a paypal account.

Furthermore you will need a German address where your stuff should be delivered to. If you are at work or travelling a lot it might be useful to have a Paketbox, which is a very useful service offered by Deutsche Post. You can let your parcels be delivered to these boxes and after work you just pick them up there. No more missed deliveries ever.

Online Shopping @ Amazon

Probably the most famous online shopping website in Germany is Amazon. No matter if you are looking for a book or a TV or a new phone, Amazon most probably has the biggest selection for you.
If you already have an account from abroad you can still use your login data to sign up for Amazon Germany. Once you are used to Amazon’s fast delivery and great customer service you don’t want to give up on that.

Online Shopping @ Allyouneed

Allyouneed is an online marketplace started by DHL (Deutsche Post). Similar to Amazon Marketplace you can shop anything from books to TVs and again phones 🙂

Shopping clothes online @ Zalando

When it comes to shopping clothes online there is no other player than Zalando. Founded in 2008 in Berlin Zalando quickly became the most important online fashion retailer in Germany.
Zalando is most famous for their ingenious TV ad campaign and for 100 day return policy. Whatever doesn’t fit you or you don’t like just send it back and Zalando will give you your money back – no questions asked.

Buying furniture online @ Home24

Especially if you don’t have a car it is very convenient to buy your furniture online. Image the stress to drive to a furniture store on a Saturday and fight your way through stressed couples and crying kids. Exactly how you don’t want to spend your Saturday.
Better check out Home24 and order your furniture online. Usually delivered within maximum one week and with a 30 day return policy shopping furniture can’t get more convinient anymore.

Shopping groceries online @ REWE

The newest trend in big cities like Berlin is online grocerie delivery. Especially REWE has made shopping groceries online a great experience. Prices are the same as in their local supermarkets and they even deliver drinks to your place. No more lifting heavy stuff for you.

Now that you have so much free time on your hands you can check out the best German bank accounts or the best German mobile phone providers.